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I need a new career – Is this something you have asked yourself before?

I am sure we have all felt it from one time to another, lost. Just when we think we have grips on life somehow something can change to take that feeling away. So there we go again trying to figure it all out again.

When this happens you start reflecting and doubting if what you are doing is actually getting you closer to you “Why”. You start asking yourself questions like;

Am I doing the job I love?

Do I have what it takes to become more than an employee at this company to earn more income?

Is this for me?

Is this job making me feel empty?

I have felt these and maybe these are the natural progression of self development because I can tell you those questions come up more frequently as you start to work on yourself (I suggest listening to audios or reading for an hour a day).

I felt like this when I younger and felt I was trapped when I was working for a cable company like it was just eating away my soul. At that point is where I knew that job was not something I wanted to do until I retired (had set a goal to retire at 45). I just knew something had to change because I felt my soul was dying something had to change.

After some soul searching and carving away deeper and deeper I established my why. Once I discovered my why and had built my three sources of income I quit my job.

Let me tell you even though I had my income sources turned on it was still the scariest moment of my life. We are raised to graduate college, get a job with good benefits and retire there so I was breaking the mold. My dad still to this day always asks me if I am going to ever work again and I laugh and ensure him I am not.

Well its been years and my businesses are growing but when your mission is bigger than money itself you will have nothing less than success. My wife runs a retail store in the health niche and as for myself I am in marketing. The lessons I have learned are what I want to share with others.

I believe it will give others the courage to try their goals and will help drop the learning curve by well over fifty percent. 

My sole purpose in this post is to inspire you to use your head (those that want entrepreneurship), change careers and start your own business and take a lesson away from my experience.

Life Lessons Learned

1. You will be waiting all your life if your waiting for the perfect time

Are you sitting on a great idea that needs to be submitted for a patent search and your waiting for the right time? I have lost out on a LOT of good deals because I stalled or over analyzed it and lost out to others who took action. Think of it like this,,, motivation are like showers we take them daily so that is why if you become part of movement, team or start your own business it is imperative you listen to audios daily. What this does for you is inject daily inspiration, motivation and business ideas from other successful people.

I stay motivated daily and get new ideas daily for my business which as an example helped a peer make $3k last week. There are so many audios you can listen to but if your curious which ones I listen to daily here they are.

Sit back today and think to yourself if you are achieving your why and if doing what your doing will get you closer to your why if you did it for 10 more years.

2. Haters goin to hate….

It’s human nature for most when we allow the opinions of others to affect us, hold us back or even worse stop us from attempting our dream. Admit it, many people have changed their mind about something because of the opinions of others. Trust me, when I quit my job I had a lot of people definitely tell me their opinion how it was not a smart move, oh my Joe how are you going to make it, are you crazy, etc, etc.

That is where you are either mentally strong and listening and reading to your daily motivation or you are again just swayed by the opinions of others. You cannot and you will not satisfy everyone just live in the moment and continue to do best for improving yourself…. [click to continue…]


How To Succeed In Life – My Blackjack Hand

Life happens and as we live our daily lives its not a destination we are trying to reach but more so a journey. This is what I mean by life happens because there are times we struggle, there are times we celebrate, times we hit new highs but from each moment we can either learn from them or let them pass us up.

Some people I have learned live life with more awareness than others but once you can understand the this quote below you will understand the importance of getting your mind right. When I say get your mind right this applies to all aspects of your life regardless of what you are trying to accomplish.

How to succeed in life


From the moment I was mentored to do mindset training it has changed my life, my results and my approach to everything in life but most importantly gave my entrepreneurship life the 10x effect. Now you will understand why I listen to my audios for an hour a day which you can read more on my post here.

Once you plug in you will make a conscious effort to see the good, stay curious and help others plug in.

Some of you may ask, why?

— How to succeed in life —

An expert in anything was first an amateur so never not take an opportunity we do not develop further from experiences. It’s like a banana if you pull it from the tree it stops being green, doesn’t grow anymore it ripens, so my advice is to stay green and continue growing.

Thinking like this while building two businesses has changed my perspective.

So without further ado here are some life lessons I have learned along the way;


21 Lessons on How To Succeed in Life

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If I could pick one single thing I’ve done in the last four years to improve my life, it would be taking Claudia out on our first date, the gym. If I could pick a second thing, it would be starting this blog.
I mainly consider this blog a hobby and a way for me to help others become entrepreneurs, but it has turned into a side business as well over the last few months.

If you don’t have a side business (whether it’s a blog, lawn mowing service, tech support for old people or a lemonade stand) then here are my top reasons why you need to get started today! If you love the health and fitness industry and would like to follow a proven blueprint then see here.


1. Your Side Business Might Become Your Main Business – Wouldn’t it be nice to stop working for “the man” and start working for yourself? A side business might start as a hobby but could turn into a full fledged career where you set your own hours, choose who you want to work with, and answer to no one but yourself.

2. Impress the Ladies – Your chatting up a pretty lady at the bar. What sounds more interesting: Entry Level Business Analyst or Entrepreneur? Just make sure you have a business card or something that proves you are legit. Otherwise, girls will hear “entrepreneur” and think “unemployed”.

3. Additional Skills Make You More Valuable – No matter what side business you start, you’re going to learn something. Whatever skills you learn could very well help you get a raise, promotion, or even your next full-time job.

4. Watching TV is BORING – Seriously. Your brain is sick of consuming visual and audio content. It wants to create something. A business, a website, a painting, something! Bonus: if you create something awesome, you can make money off it.

5. Play Money is Fun to Play With – Extra money means you have the ability to do extra stuff. You could do something responsible like invest it, or you could take your extra “play money” and play with it. Vacations and toys (electronics/tools for men and shoes for women) are a lot more fun when you don’t feel guilty for spending money on them.

6. Diversification of Income – If I lost my day job today I’d still be making some income through trading or this website. We diversify investments all the time to mitigate risk; why not diversify income for the same reason?

If you have a side business, is there a reason you would add to this list and why it would be awesome?

Yours Truly,

Joe Carrera





Almost anyone who has ever worked a part-time job has wished they were their own boss. At some point or another. Each time they were asked to sweep the floor or mop up a customer accident, they wanted for someone else to handle the dirty work. Instead of doing the dirty work, they wanted to act as manager and schedule how and when something was done, not to be the one who actually had to do it. Throughout this process, there’s many things that can go “wrong.” Maybe they had an issue with someone’s management style. They saw how it was done, how it could be improved, and wanted to branch out with their own efforts. These types of experiences, after all,  are some of the main reasons franchisees start their own enterprises in the first place.

It’s also one of the main reasons they’re successful.
No matter what led you to starting your own business, however, there a number of perks that can come from being one’s own boss. The obvious ones, like not being told what to do, of course. But the list doesn’t end there. In fact, there are plenty more pros to being your own boss. Many of which aren’t realized until they’re readily being enjoyed. Such as:
Last-Minute Schedule Adjustments
As an employee, virtually any time you have an appointment, need to leave for a personal reason, etc., you have to approve it with the boss. When you’re the boss, however, no such formality is needed. So long as your customers are covered, you can take off and tend to what needs to be done. Even if the appointment is last minute.
Pleasing Yourself
It’s a great feeling to impress the boss. But it’s an even greater feeling to impress  yourself. It allows you to reach even greater accomplishments and is a satisfying step that will motivate you to work even harder.

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For illustrative purposes and obvious humor. 🙂

1. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say; ‘I am very rich. Marry me!’ – That’s direct marketing

2. You’re at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says; ‘He’s very rich. ‘Marry him’ – That’s Advertising

3. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day, you call and say; ‘Hi, I’m very rich. Marry me’ – That’s Telemarketing

4. You’re at a party and see a gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie, you walk up to her and pour her a drink, you open the door (of the car as taught here) for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her ride and say; ‘By the way, I’m rich. Will you marry me?’ – That’s brand recognition

5. You’re at a party and see a gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says; ‘You are very rich! ‘Can you marry me?’ – That’s brand recognition [click to continue…]